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Our highbright LCD Displays use a combination of Optical Enhancement technologies to improve contrast and clarity for viewing in Daylight and Direct Sunlight:

Standard LCD touch screens have a brightness rating of 200-300 nits and typically use CCFT (cold cathode fluorescent Tube) backlighting. Standard LCD's are difficult or impossible to read in daylight or direct sunlight. Even the ambient light of a cloudy day can make a standard LCD difficult to read. See illustration to right:



LED back lights are more reliable and require less power than CCFT back lights Our highbright LCD's use LED back lights with a nit ( Candela per meter2) brightness rating of 600 to 1200. This three to four fold improvement in brightness rating greatly improves the LCD's readability in daylight conditions. The added enhancements of Optical Bonding and Antireflective coatings improves the contrast and clarity further for viewing in Direct Sunlight. See illustration to right:

Optical Bonding also adds a level of ruggedness to the touch glass with increased shock vibration tolerence as well as eliminating the possibility of condensation or dust between the touch glass and LCD surface.

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