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Rugged Computer Solutions

On the Road
On the Water
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Rugged LCD's and Computers

Applications for high bright displays and rugged computers    


Sunlight readable LCD enhancements

Click for details on how we make our LCD's Sunlight Readable:








New! 4 Core Celeron, Small & Rugged:

Small Rugged Computer

News! Waterproof Sunlight Readable LCD on Fire Truck:

Waterproof vehicle LCD display, sunlight readable
RWD080 8" dispaly used on boom control for thermal imaging system.

High bright 7" Wide Screen with Touch available in Daylight and Sunlight Readable versions:

Sunlight Readable 7 inch Vehicle LCD

Waterproof High bright 8" LCD Display with Touch Screen, Sunlight Readable::

waterproof lcd display, sunlight readable

10.4' Highbright with Touch available in Daylight and Sunlight Readable versions

High Bright Marine LCD Dispaly with touch screen

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Waterproof Marine Computer, no moving parts with optional hot swap drives:

Waterproof marine computer

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Rugged VESA Mounting ARMS and Brackets:

Rugged VESA Mount

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  • Rugged Computers & LCD's
  • Marine Monitors, Sunlight Readable
  • Waterproof PC's, Vehicle Computers


Rugged High Bright Marine Displays:

wide screen rugged marine lcd

Waterproof sunlight readable 12.1",15", 17", 19" and 21.5" rugged Marine LCD's.


Vehicle Computer with hot swap
solid state flash drives

Vehicle computer with hot swap drive shuttles

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Rugged Computer Solutions

Roadwater Computer products are used in a wide variety of applications and industries from public service vehicles to the shipping dock. Our customers are large & small and include original equipment manufacturers, system integrators and MIS departments looking for a specialized display or computer solution.

Our high bright displays and rugged pc's are ideal solutions for the extremes of computer applications on the road, on the water and in the air.


  • Vehicle Computing
  • Boat Computer
  • Navigation, GPS interface
  • Digital Signage
  • Outdoor Kiosk
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
  • Mining, Oil and Gas
  • Marine,Military, Aviation
Rugged Vehicle Computer, no moving parts:

Rugged Vehicle Computer

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